Teaching by Topic

This teaching comes from my experience of applying the teaching given by Sachi Sa, my Teacher and the embodiment of The Master Self in the flesh. Sachi introduced me to The Master Self within my own mind, and It guides me further into The Enlightenment, to the final attainment of God Himself.

The links are categorised by the titles relevant to the overall topic of the post.

The Path to Enlightenment

Dealing With Conflicting People

How to Eliminate Thoughts of Suffering Forever

Teaching from “The Book of Practice”

The Enlightenment

What Enlightenment Means

God the Father’s Love for His Son

Who are you?

The Teacher of Enlightenment

Who are you?


Teaching from “The Book of Practice”

Dealing With Conflicting People


Inside Guide

The Supreme Ecstasy

Divine Freak

Choosing Waterfalls

All the Way In

The Inward Funnel

Right Now

The Flood that You Are

A Better Way


Eternal Residence


Dropping the Question

Collapsing Circumstances


Burn Out the Illusion

Enlightenment Please


What body


8th Lotus Chakra The GateWay to God

Rest in Yourself


Yoga on the Patio


One Master Self within Everyone

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