“Soaring Roaring River”

Brothers and sisters,

Please enjoy my first book of poetry and artwork, titled “Soaring Roaring River,” the first in a series of books called “Becoming Master.”


Available on amazon.com as a paperback or ebook:

Soaring Roaring River Paperback

Soaring Roaring River Ebook

Below is a short introduction!

Join Majana Sa and play in the river of Truth.

The first book written in a series of poems and artwork highlights her experience of crossing into Enlightenment: an inner state of peaceful eternal unification with God.

Be inspired to be guided by the Master Self, the divine Presence Who resides within and is here to guide you through the journey home to God’s Eternal Reality. Her poems and artwork assist in opening your mind to the state of fearlessness and joy that exists within you right now! Enjoy the path, as it is already complete.

Discover the Master Self as you jump into “Soaring Roaring River.” Watch the process of inner cleansing unfold when you surrender to It’s guidance and away from the voices, images, and stories of suffering that make up the ego thought system.

Experience the Truth of Life:

Undying existence within the Reality that God gives freely.



Majana Sa

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