Burn Out the Illusion

Let it roar

Your expression will be refined along the way

Fear holding the start from flowing

Must be fiercely broken

By Who?

By Your willingness to do so

To jump over the line you’ve drawn in the ground

The mark you’ve made a hundred times




Now and now

Again and again

All in your mind

Of the journey you long to take

The one where peace heaven


Victory inside

To the light of a thousand hundred million stars brighter than that times itself

The light indescribable

Words diluting every once of its

Unqualifiable existence

That is You.

That is the You You always are even now

Seemingly distraught


untruth this is

illusion in your mind

Can’t find

The way out alone

Here is a light

Shining bright

Let it be the reflection of yours

And that is all

A proof that that exit does exist



Without a rift

Between anything



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