A Better Way

Swimming galloping upstream

It now feels the turn

To the flow of non-resistance

Finding out

The seeming happening

Of how you made imaginary form that’s seen

Separateness of you and i and the

Suffering of ensuing

Blame shame guilt

A perilous game that is not real

As One cannot attack Itself

The delusion erased already by

The One All High that is Us

Enjoy the journey that is complete

Liberation assured

Look at that thought

That one thought

Its like this:

There must be a better way

With this your joinery

Of You and God

Accomplishes itself



The discovery

Of Master Self abiding high

Waiting for the moment to guide the way out of

The delusion you made with

The willingness to transcend it


If one has done it then all have too

Look at the Great Masters




They have done it and so have you

Enjoy the journey

It is complete

A rerun a memory played out in the remaining

Threads of illusion

That have been removed long past

Now Liberation reigns for Everyone

Who thought once they were lost

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