All the Way In

Swimming galloping

Upstream of down

To find out just how it happened

How you made the form you see

How God made the everlasting You in between

To the source go go go

No need to stop I need to know

Go all the way

My whole immersed

Face up

Eyes up

Whichever path calls

But let it be in

Head in

Heart in
Followed by everything else

Open wide and let it flow

All the way through

Cleanse that beast

That thing that thinks its me

Saying iwant this iam that

Get out of here

So I can be Who I Truly Am

And the only way is to

Go all the way

To go upstream

Or down

One of the pieces of the pie that makes

up The Spiritual Path

Must be devoured by You

With cherry on top

Top of the mind

Top of the head

Shoot right out

Divinity guaranteed

The Guide inside will show you

That which you don’t need

I won’t stop

Yes I’m there

Where You and I always are

In God

In Reality

In Love

Now We are there

Full in

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