The Flood that You Are

Do not fear the light

The flood that You are

Being anything else is letting your time

Precious and divine

Tick away the gloriousness

Of the Inheritance of Your Eternity

The Inward reflecting the lighting

Of the brilliance of forever

On the past dream of the outer

Let out the flood

The shine of lighting inescapable even if you try

Let it roar

Let it soar

Let it all come out

Full power

No cower

Turn on the faucet

And clean your chalice

Let it be the sparkling reflection of the divine inside your mind

Without judgement

Without withholdment

Turn that water on



You already know

To go and listen

Check in

To Your Guide deep presence

Within the one mind

You know,

That one inside


Kind without attachment to what you think is right

Patient abiding glorious and fine

Firm and inviting

Lighting the way out misery pain plaguing your mind

To the freedom

That is in You

Deathless existence of

The Freedom light You are

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