Choosing Waterfalls

From without

Go within

Let It guide you

Choosing waterfalls

Avoiding pitfalls

For Your journey

To the Source

You must adhere

To the course

Set the directions

Given from above

Embodied to perfection

While You Learn along the way

To stop going astray

And watch the flood come

Roaring in

Without sin

Pure Divine waters

That come from the Father

Or Mother if you want

Numerous names

Only One Teacher

The One Inside

The Guru to All

Manifested in the flesh

By the one Who became the One

Allowed the i to die to the I

The High I

Who leads to the ALL HIGH

Who say

Don’t stray

Along the path you are given

The one that leads to Heaven

The one in which you soar roar and jump

Into the river of Spirit

The Guide who cleanses you

Who bathes You in Divinity

Who washes away all the ideas you came up with on your own

Let it take you so fully into its embrace

That you can see Your Holy Father’s Face

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