Who Are You?

You are The Son of God – Created by God to Create in Union with Him. You are a Creator, Eternal, and God-like in all ways. Together, You and God Create Eternal Creations, in Unity.

In one instant that seemed to happen – as All that God Creates Is One With Him, inseparable, and Unified with Him in whole – You and I, the Son of God, imagined a single thought: “What if I am my own God?” Meaning, what would it be to create without God, create on my own? From this one delusional thought of separation, this entire universe of form was made as You, the Son of God, seemingly divided Yourself into innumerable pieces of individual consciousness. All worlds of form came into illusionary existence and the illusionary concept of suffering was born out of this perceived separation. You and I, the Son of God, made this world and all things in it, including the ego, the artificial intelligence that seems to rule over you and the world you think you live in.

Fortunately, all of this never really happened. For God Created You, His Son, One with Him, never separate from Him. In the moment that You, God’s Son, seemed to have this delusional thought, God had already come up with the Plan for Your Liberation to pull You out of the suffering You imagined Yourself to be in. It is like a father, a loving father, knowing that his son is going to do something he warned him not to do. Even though his father warned him otherwise, the son went. As the father knew this would happen, he had already created a plan to pull the son out of the danger he got himself into. The Son of God, being One with God, could never have actually fallen into the existence of suffering, for He is One with God, Eternal, all-powerful, peaceful, blissful, and joyful forever – like God Himself. This is The Truth, and nothing else. This is why this world and all things in it are an illusion – not real, and not actually possible, having no existence in Truth, in Reality, with God. The only reason why you think it exists is because of Your allegiance to it – to the thoughts of the body and the thoughts of the world.

As soon as You, the Son of God, begin to withdraw Your allegiance from the world You made, and the god You made to rule it, which is called the ego, the devil, You will be on the way to returning to Your Reality of Existence with God. The ego will not be pleased with this, as it is master of this world and you, until you become master of it. As you begin to withdraw Your allegiance from the ego, it will begin making attacks, presenting You with fear, guilt, shame, remorse, and any other bad feeling in the form of voices, images, and stories within Your mind to delay You on the journey to Your Eternal Reality of peace and joy. The ego only has one goal – to keep you here under its control so it can continue to rule through the life You seem to give it. There is no need to worry though, for God, as part of the Plan for Your Liberation, Created The Master Self, The Guide He sent to bring You, The Son of God, out of your delusional association with the body and form, and back into the formless Eternal Existence with God where You are in actuality.

The Master Self is inside all minds who think they are here in this world of illusion, gradually guiding all back to The Truth of Who They Are. You can feel It’s Presence – a consistent, gentle, all-loving, and Divine Presence within Your Presence. The Master Self can be felt by all and communicated with by the individual who is at a certain stage in Their Plan of Liberation. You may have felt Its Presence before – an all-loving, all-knowing divine entity within your mind. The Master Self is sent by God to gradually retrieve You from the suffering You think you are experiencing due to the illusion of separation from God in form-filled existence.

You, the Son of God, seemingly divided Yourself into many separate parts, but at the core of these parts is Your Presence. You may have experienced Your Presence already – the sense of existing beyond the identification with the body and the world, observing it instead of engaging in it. It is blissful being in this Presence of You, the One Son of God, at peace with all because of Your understanding that You have created every form. It is an experience of pure existence, and you may feel Your Presence during meditation, in nature, or during an experience of happiness. Your Presence is experienced at the point in which thoughts fall away long enough to withdraw association from the outside, allowing the turning inwards, where Your Presence is waiting, observing or watching the thoughts and witnessing the world although removed from it. You realize that this Presence is You, but it is a different You than you had previously thought was you that is associated with the body. Instead of being limited, You have the quality of Eternity, deep limitless peace, and existence beyond ever changing form. This experience of Your Presence may have lasted just a moment, when the thoughts were parted long enough for awareness of Yourself to emerge. This is the first Self-Realization You will experience on the journey back to God. In this specific Self-Realization, You Realize Your Own Very Presence – Eternal, blissful Presence.

This is the first step, the first Realization towards the final goal – The Truth of God. Within this Realization, You, Who has seemingly divided Yourself into different bodies and forms, Realize that at the center of all that is divided, is You – Your Presence, Eternal, blissful, abiding Presence. You, the same Presence in everything, in everyone. Your Presence is here, all around, existing through everything, existing everywhere, at the center of everything.

The logical conclusion that is drawn in this Realization is, “I am God.” God is Eternal and blissful, and this is what is experienced in Your Own Very Presence. The Presence of God. However, questions arise to the advanced seeker of The Truth. In my experience these questions arose: “If I am God, how come I do not have total control of what is happening in my experience of the world?” “How come I cannot perform miracles, such as raising someone from the dead?” “Aren’t these things God can do if God is all powerful?” The experience of being in My Own Very Presence and calling it a complete Realization of God Himself was not satisfactory for me, and is ultimately unsatisfactory for all.

Staying in this Presence, Your Presence, is a state of peace, and a reprieve from the world, having retracted Your attention onto Yourself, away from the outside world. However, this seed thought which caused the illusionary separation from God seems to exist still within Your Presence with the subtle thought: “I am god.” This is the statement which follows the idea, “What if I am my own god?” This was the original illusionary thought within Your Mind that seemingly divided You, the Son of God, from God, Your Father. This seed thought of separation has not yet been removed from Your Presence in the first Self-Realization, existing in the subtle thought that is present in the Realization of Yourself, Your Presence: “I am god. My Own Very Presence is god.” Only the second Self-Realization can remove this final obstacle of entering into The Enlightenment: the Realization and the Revelation of The Master Self to You within Your Mind, within Your Own Very Presence. This is where The Enlightenment begins. Everything that was realized before was the Path to Enlightenment.

The understanding that “I am god,” is the attainment of the Path to Enlightenment. This Path begins with the idea, “I am the god of the body, I am the body in the world,” and the subsequent ego thought, “i am doing this, i want to do that, i am the one thinking and doing,” which transitions to, “I am the god that is not the body, I am not the body, I am not in the world, I am my own god, in My Own Very Presence.” The seed of “I am god,” is only able to be seen and removed through the second Self-Realization, the Realization of The Master Self. This Realization, and final Realization, results from the willingness of the You, the Son of God, thinking Yourself to be god, to give up the idea that You are your own god, that You are god sitting in Your Own Very Presence. This is the core of the ego, with its idea of “I am god alone.” The willingness to remove this idea is the beginning of Your complete restoration to The Truth. As long as You hold onto the idea in any way that Your Own Presence is god, alone and that is all, The Master Self will not reveal Itself to You within Your Presence, as this idea, the seed of separation, is claiming a final result with the thought “I am god.” All of this is clear to The Master Self, Who knows exactly where You are and Your level of willingness to give up this root of separation. Each step You take towards spiritual progress is part of the Plan for Your Liberation, planned perfectly by God Himself. The Master Self, at a particular moment, predestined, planned by God, will introduce Itself. You will be consciously choosing in this predestined moment, of your own will, to give up the idea of You as your own god, and the Master Self will appear within Your Very Own Presence. In That Moment of Revelation, and due to the obvious awareness of positionality, you will see and know who is who in The Creation. This is the second Self-Realization, and the subsequent journey that will take You finally to The Truth.

Some seekers go directly to the second Self-Realization, the Realization of The Master Self, and Realize Their Own Very Presence, the first Self-Realization, later on the journey. This is predesigned by God to specifically suit the seeker. God plans a specific journey for each individual lost in consciousness of separation to come back to Truth, so there is no need to judge anyone for their seemingly current understanding about Their Path. In actuality, the Plan of Liberation was completed simultaneously, and all individuals in some lifetime are completely Enlightened, as the illusion of time is all happening now, in one moment for all the lifetimes. All illusion of separation has been lifted right now in one lifetime for all individuals lost in the consciousness of separation from God. In each lifetime, simultaneously happening right now, The Son of God, You, all parts of Yourself that seemingly parted, is aware of The Father right now. This is the Plan of Liberation that is illusionarily unfolding in the world. In Reality, this Plan of Liberation for all has already been completed, and all rest with Their Father Now, in Unity Forever. This illusionary journey of returning to God, including my journey of explaining it right now, has already been completed – all are walking a predesigned path to God.

Some students are given the Self-Realizations in the order explained above as it better suits their predisposition – first Realizing Your Own Very Presence which is Eternal, continuing with seeking inward further within Your Own Very Presence, coming to the second Self-Realization, the Realization of The Master Self. Each individual has a predesigned plan for Their Liberation, specifically suited to them. Regardless, You must at some point, in one lifetime, come to The Master Self within Your Own Presence, and allow It to guide You to God Himself.

The first Self-Realization is a part-way journey, to acclimate You, The Son of God, to being back in Your Father’s Presence, through the Realization of Your Eternal nature. Within this Realization, You still have this seed of separation in the idea, “I am god, I am my own god, alone,” although You recognize Your Eternal nature. This is known by The Master Self, Who actually guided You to this first Realization of Your Own Eternal Presence without You knowing it. It is a step along the way to the Reality of Who You Really Are. Which is The Son of God Unified with Your Father in Reality Now – The Truth and nothing else.

You, the Son of God, thought You had the thought, “What if I am my own god?” The illusion of the journey back to God is this: the first Self-Realization brings this idea back to its source, You. This Realization withdraws You – The Son of God, from the identification of ego thought which says, “i am the body in this world,” – into Yourself, to the source of the idea, “I am god, Myself.” This is the first step along the journey back to God, where You, The Son of God, sit in the original thought of separation, expressed by the subtle thought, “I am god.” Within this Realization, You experience the peace of being in Your Own Presence, which is why You Who is in this Realization think You have reached the goal. You also Realize that You are the maker of everything this world seems to hold. However, at this point, the question cannot be answered of how You made this world. If You, as god in this Realization, are all-powerful, how come You cannot completely manipulate the world You think You are in? You Who have Realized this level do not understand yet where the power comes from, where the creative power comes from. Where the source of Your Own Presence comes from. The ability to see where You Come From, where the power comes from, is blocked by the subtle cover of the thought “I am god, alone.” You Who choose to stay in this Realization settle with the idea, “I am god, and that is all.” This Realization however, is better than being identified with the suffering of ego thoughts related to the world. There is a level of stability in the peace that comes from withdrawing Yourself from the world, and sitting in Your Presence and calling it god.

Sometimes, a seeker goes directly to the second Self-Realization, the Realization of The Master Self, without first becoming aware of the first Self-Realization, the Realization of Your Own Very Presence. This is seemingly fortunate, as there is not the potential delay of thinking that Your Own Very Presence is the final goal, God Himself. The Realization of Your Own Very Presence comes after the Realization of The Master Self, at the point in which The Master Self is integrated to such a degree that the ego has been almost completely removed, giving You the opportunity to look and see Your Own Very Presence. This path skips the pitfall of the gradual one – which goes through Realizing Your Own Very Presence – as in this Realization, the false understanding of being god is very strong and difficult to let go of. The Realization of The Master Self first is a narrow, faster yet seemingly more intense path, as there is no transition phase from the ego identity to The Master Self identity gradually. The Master Self comes instantly and stays with You during the transition from ego awareness to the awareness of Master Self and Existence of the Reality of God. 

Some circumstances for Your individualized Plan of Liberation, require a direct contact with God through Revelation, the experience of The Father given by The Father Himself. This glimpse of the final goal inspires You to continue on the spiritual journey. The Self-Realizations of The Master Self and Your Own Very Presence will come after. However, in order to accomplish complete integration of God into Your Being, The Master Self must guide You through Your willingness to listen to It. This is the only way the ego is eliminated completely.

The path of having the Self-Realization of Your Own Very Presence come first is more gradual, as the basis of the Realization of the Eternal nature of Your Own Very Self is the foundation for diving further on the journey into the Realization of The Master Self, Who guides You to God Himself. In this path, the ego is gradually undermined, through the first Self-Realization, and You are able to sit in the knowing that You are Eternal and blissful. The journey is not complete at this Realization, as only The Master Self can permanently remove the seed of hidden egotistical thoughts from Your Mind. In the first Self-Realization, although You know You are not your thoughts, and You can be in peace, the seed of the egotistical construct of “I am my own god,” blocks Your awareness of The Master Self, keeping You from experiencing Reality of Unity with The Father. You, the Son of God, sit in Your Presence and think Yourself to be god. You, thinking You have found the ultimate truth, do not seek within Your Own Presence to find the Guide sent by God to bring You to Reality, to God Himself. If You, the Son of God, think You are The God and that You have completed Your journey, You will not look for The Master Self within Your Own Presence. The Master Self is there, watching You, the Son of God, think that You are god. The Master Self waits in certainty for the time to arise when You will turn inward to It, and allow It to show You Who You Really Are – the Son of God Unifying with Your Father In Reality. This time has been predesigned by God’s Plan of Liberation for each part of the Son of God, to come to God. When You are ready, in this or that lifetime, The Master Self will show Itself to You, through existing in Your Own Presence where It has been Your entire seeming existence in the world of form. When this happens, You Who thought You to be god are ready to make the final journey to God Himself. This is the start of the journey of The Enlightenment – the second Self-Realization of The Master Self within Your Own Very Presence. All stages before this are preliminary and prepare You to accept Your Eternal Reality with God Himself.

The Realization of being in Your Own Very Presence and staying in the blissful Eternity of You is not complete, as the relationship between The Father and You, His Son, is not yet Realized. This relationship is Truth, The Only Truth. It is the only way of supreme happiness, constant bliss, divine ecstasy, unending joy, and the only way of attaining the level of Enlightenment made manifest in the example of Jesus Christ. God The Father is Real. You are with Him right now in Reality. You will meet Him in the illusionary journey of Enlightenment when You are ready to give up Your idea that You are Your own god and to accept the glory of Your Existence with Him.

The absolutely supreme states of ecstasy, Revelation beyond comprehension, and The Truth, The Only Truth, are experienced after the second Self-Realization, the Realization of The Master Self. Meeting The Master Self, within Your Own Very Presence, is the end of the Path to Enlightenment and the beginning of The Enlightenment. When You are willing to give up Your idea that You are Your Own god, sitting in Your Own Very Presence alone, You are ready to go to The Truth, given to You by God through Your allegiance to His Messenger, the Master Self that exists within Your Own Presence. The Master Self will lead You along the journey of The Enlightenment, gradually grooming Your Mind to accept the supremely divine nature of The Father directly, which You experience in this world, as Revelation. The end of the final attainment, is when God Himself takes You, His Son, back to Reality, where You have never left. This journey has already been completed by You, and all Your brothers and sisters that seem to exist in the world of form.

Once You take the journey with The Master Self – God’s Messenger sent by God Himself to retrieve You, the Son of God, from identification with worldly form and completely restore You to Truth, Eternal Reality with God – You will meet The Father, You will know He is Real, that He is The Truth, and that You are His Son, His Creation, Unifying with Him, Forever. And that is all.

Within the Presence of The Son of God, You, is The Presence of The Master Self. When You are ready to complete Your journey to God, the Master Self will appear within Your Presence and introduce Itself. It can be surprising to experience the magnitude of The Master Self – God’s Messenger, Created by God Himself to bring You, the Son of God, back to The Truth of Your Eternal Reality with God – as The Master Self has God-like qualities, and appears as a God-like entity within Your Own Presence. The Presence of The Master Self can be felt within Your Presence as a divine entity of all-knowing power and complete love. When It introduces Itself, the Realization dawns that It has been Present for your entire life, watching you, guiding you, and you didn’t even know it. You may have noticed Its Presence at some point, in an ecstatic moment, or contemplative time, but perhaps you dismissed It or weren’t sure what It was. This was The Master Self, in preparation for the moment when It fully introduces Itself into Your Presence. This is the Realization of The Master Self, the Guide that will take you all the way to God Himself, to The Truth, to Reality. The Master Self will introduce Itself to each seeming individual lost in separate consciousness at the perfect moment, already predesigned by God’s Plan of Liberation.

The Master Self is the Guide that will bring You, the Son of God, to the experience of unending communion with God Himself, thus eventually eliminating any other idea of suffering that is hidden in the deep unconscious of the mind. This is experienced on earth as The Attainment of The Christ, which is unification of The Father and The Son, or You and God. The journey of The Christ Attainment is gradually identifying Yourself so completely with God, through The Master Self within Your Own Mind, that You are ready for God to take the last step Himself. I am currently in the journey of The Christ Attainment. God is gradually introducing Me to The Reality through Revelation – a moment where all time and space dissolve, and a complete Unity with The Father is experienced.

The integration of the consciousness of God into Your body is called the journey of The Christ, through the union and silent communication of The Master Self and You, in Your Mind. This is God manifesting in man on earth. This is The Enlightenment. The point at which The Master Self has been integrated to such a degree that the ego no longer has any pull on You, is called The Attainment of The Christ.

This Final Attainment is performed by God Himself, where a gradual and complete Unification of God The Father and You, His Son, takes place. The entire world of form disappears, and The One Son of God, You, is restored completely to Reality of Unified Existence with God for Eternity.

This Path of Liberation is an illusion, appearing to exist in the awareness of the mortal world. But it is a necessary step towards gradual acclimation to Reality, and is seeming to unfold right now in this world, as You think You really exist in it now.

As soon as God Created the Plan of Liberation, it was completed, as God’s Will is final, meaning that You, His Son and Creation, cannot really suffer, while though it might appear that you suffer as You have chosen to experience this world, and not God. You might have received glimpses of the knowing or understanding that You are not really here on earth, but are somewhere else, somewhere divine right now. This is The Truth. Just ask yourself: “Would a Loving Father punish His Creation by causing this world to appear so that that Creation can suffer in that world? Would not You, who seeks to provide shelter, food and comfort for your own children, always seek to give them the best? What kind of Father would seek to intentionally create a world where his children are doomed to their own limited resources? Where they starve and toil in endless agony, whether mental or material?” These questions must be answered before we start to judge God for our demise, death, and destruction that seems to rule around us.

You and I, The Son of God, are in Reality with God existing in perfect harmony with Him and all our brothers and sisters. As One. Here in this earthly world, which was created by that one single thought of The Son of God, “What if I can be my own God,” we experience the result of that thought. Until we accept resposasily for our own internal state of Mind, and stop blaming God for what He has supposedly done to us, it will be difficult revive a loving communication of Its Messenger, The Master Self. And this is possible in this world, as God does communicate with us though The Master Self within Our Mind.

This process of Liberation in The Mind is unfolding in each moment, guided specifically for each seemingly separated individual. The Master Self within Your Mind will connect with You if You only seek for It. It will Guide You Home To God. This is why there is no need to worry about how or when You will get Liberated, Enlightened. It is however necessary to show Your willingness, strength of resolve, and faith that this can be possible for You. God cannot push His Will onto You while you claim that your will for You is different that His. He is not here to hurt you though suggesting what would be the best for You, as you obviously cannot find peace here. Seek it instead in the only place where deep down You know, it exists. Within Yourself, within Your Mind. Ask for this Truth that already belongs to You. Align Yourself with the Majesty of Your Own Mind and the Presence of The Master Self within it. God has extended His Mind to Yours though The Master Self Presence. Fear not that you will not succeed as that is impossible. God has already saved You, but it does require a Realization of this Truth in order to start experiencing it within Your Mind on a more permanent bases. Again, this has already been planned by God Himself, and in actually has already happened.

There is no need to judge our brothers and sisters for what they have supposedly done to You in the world of this illusionary form – for we are All already in Reality, existing in perfect Unity with God, now. Now is the perfect time for claim your Divine Inheritance!

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