The Plan of Liberation

There is no need to worry because the Plan of Liberation comes from God Himself. This world was made through the Son of God, you and I, thinking one thought – what if I am my own God? It was this thought that made this world and the suffering in it as only unity with God creates happiness. This is Truth: Nothing is separate from God, because He Created It, pure and perfect. The thought that the Son of God had that seemed to make this world is an illusion, a delusion that does not have existence in Reality. When the Son of God had this illusionary thought, God the Father had made the Plan of Liberation already, saving the Son immediately. You and I are with God now in full unity with all your brothers and sisters in Reality. This is the Truth. Appearance of separateness is the cause of conflict in all worlds of form, based on the initial delusion of separateness from God. The Plan of Liberation is being enacted now through the Messenger of God, the Master Self, a pure Creation of God Who completed Its mission as soon as It was Created, returning all the lost Son of God to Reality with Their Father. This is where all are in actuality. The Plan of Liberation is unfolding right now through the Master Self, the bridge between this illusionary world and God. Its Presence is felt by all, and is experienced through feelings of joy, peace, happiness. Seeking within to find the source of these good feelings will lead you to the Master Self who waits in certainty that all individuals lost in consciousness of separation will come to Its bridge and walk across to the Unity of God that is their Reality.

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