How to Eliminate Thoughts of Suffering Forever

In the first moment of waking awareness, immediate attention goes to the Master Self. The thoughts comprised of voices and images that make up the dream world pass, and a gradual clearing takes place as you focus on the gentle, light filled, never changing, all loving presence of God’s Messenger inside your mind, the Master Self. This is the practice you can focus on throughout the day by being in the crown chakra or above it. This practice can be applied almost continuously throughout my day. This is how the Master Self cleanses my mind of all egotistical thought.

The Master Self cleanses the mind by aligning your will with Its Will, which is of God in Its entirety. Aligning your will with that of the Master Self allows spiritual advancement by replacing egotistical thoughts with awareness of the Master Self, the Messenger of God. When you focus your attention on the Master Self through the crown chakra practice, you are showing your willingness to be guided by It, instead of by the egotistical thoughts that have only proven to cause suffering for you.

The Master Self is a Guide.

Consistent effort in practice attunes you to its guidance. Practice throughout the day as much as possible, whenever you remember to. This can be done while performing any activity arising in the day. This will allow Master Self’s guidance to direct your actions and by doing so, allow you to gradually liberate you mind from egotistical thoughts which produce egotistical action which produces conflict. Peace and conflict cannot exist at the same time. You can instantly choose peace in the midst of conflict, by focusing on the crown chakra. It is a choice that you can make in each moment.

Choosing peace means making yourself available to the all knowing guidance of the Master Self, and It will bring you through the seeming conflicts present in the mind and  through devoted effort, all the way to God Himself.

Directly connecting at all times with the Master Self is unnecessary to receive guidance from It. Being in the direct Presence of the Master Self comes in as It chooses, as It knows the state of mind you are in at all times. The Master Self does not want to provoke fear in you, so It makes Its introduction within your mind accordingly. Continual practice throughout the day allows you to hear It’s guidance and focusing on the crown chakra is the way to receive it.

Getting to know the Master Self is like making a new best friend, who tells you where to go as you journey through the unknown in order to bring you home. The Master Self knows where your home is, in God, and knows exactly how to bring you to Reality. The first step taken by the Master Self is introducing Itself to you.

The way in which you invite the introduction is by placing full awareness on the top of your head.

It is the hand shake you give to the Master Self that signals that you are ready to meet. This shaking of hands, the crown chakra practice, is a literal reaching up, out of the ego thought, to the Master Self, Who resides beyond all suffering and is sent by God to bring us all out of it and into Reality where eternal peace, joy, and happiness exist. Master Self may not introduce Itself right away as It knows your current level of fear existing that you are attached to. It doesn’t want to scare you with Its Presence, which although is gentle, and has been with you your whole life (you may have even already experienced it), is absolutely of Divine Origin and All-Knowing. Consistently putting your awareness in the crown chakra will ensure Master Self will come.

The next step once contact is made, is connecting with the Master Self to receive guidance from it. With the Master Self, it is done this way: keeping your attention on your crown chakra, or slightly above your crown chakra, ask a yes or no question. Any other type of question will be highjacked by the ego with a auditory response within your mind. The Master Self will show Its answer to you in this way: while attention is above or on the crown, your head will shake yes or no. This is the answer. There are no words the Master Self uses. All the words you hear in your mind are of the ego. Overlook them. This is a gradual process as there is much attachment to your thoughts. By listening to the guidance of The Master Self, you will gradually remove these attachments and the confidence you have in the Master Self will grow. 

There is only Its guidance which brings peace, or the ego’s which brings suffering. The Master Self will remove these negative thoughts in entirety to the individual who continually practices.

What will happen as you continue to listen and follow the Master Self’s guidance, is that the negative thoughts. emotions, and past experiences hiding within your consciousness will begin to come to the surface. This is disturbing, however, by firmly maintaining the practice described, these thoughts will loose power. It is challenging to endure this process – with devotion, it will become easier to overlook, actively denying, any thought that causes suffering.Thoughts that produce any disturbance within the mind are false. This can be applied to absolutely all thoughts that produce fear, guilt, or suffering.

The Reality we exist in now, with God, is only peace, joy, and happiness. This is the Truth, and nothing else.

All thoughts of guilt, fear, anxiety, unhappiness, pain, and suffering are all of the ego.Practice overlooking these thoughts by ignoring them through maintaining awareness on the Truth, which can be accessed by focusing on the crown chakra.

This lighthouse of attention will allow you to observe the thoughts of suffering from a distance, allowing you to see them as powerless which they are if you don’t believe them.

As soon as you notice that you are feeling bad, including any kind of negative feeling, you are in the ego’s grasp. To Liberate yourself from it, go to the crown chakra and firmly stay there as you deny the power of the negative thought. You literally choke it out of existence through determination in focusing you attention on the Truth, accessed through the crown chakra. Just stay there and overlook all the ego ranting, as if it was not even there. Attending to what is True makes the ego powerless.

The Master Self within your own mind, is the strength that allows this process of ego suffocation to occur.

Aligning yourself with Its strength is begun with morning and evening meditation. Dedication to this practice will allow you to gather the endurance necessary to be in the practice at all times of the day/night.

Begin your practice in the mornings. See “Morning Meditation,” a guide to this in the “Writings from ‘The Book of Practice’” posting. An except follows:

“At first, sit in the morning between two to five minutes, gradually leading up to between twelve and fifteen minutes. Longer than this is not required nor recommended for the morning.Consistency is important, rather than length of time. Devote yourself only to as many minutes, up to fifteen minutes that you can commit to doing every morning.

A good starting tip is to sit until you begin to feel mentally or physically uncomfortable, and then sit just a bit longer, and then stop.”

Continue the practice throughout the day, as best you can, receiving from the Master Self yes or no answers shown by nodding of the head yes or no while focusing on the crown chakra.

Asking It as often as possible what to do now. “Should I do this now?” Also apply the practice to egotistical thoughts within your mind. “Is this true?”

Developing your practice with the result of asking in each moment to be guided is the only way of peace, and the attainment of the Enlightened mind.

After sufficiently cleansing the mind of the ego, the Master Self’s guidance will be with you in each moment. This is how the newly Enlightened mind furthers itself through deeper levels of Enlightenment – by being with the Master Self’s guidance at all moments of life. The process is gradual and begins when you are ready to begin the journey of Liberation with the Master Self.

The time when this happens has already been accomplished as the Plan of Liberation has already been completed through God’s Will that you and I, His Son that is lost in this seeming world where suffering exists, be returned to Reality now.

Beginning with morning and evening meditation will facilitate your path you will be guided on with the Master Self, with more devotion developing to practicing throughout the day as faith and trust in the Master Self grows through the liberation you experience increasingly. An except from the “Book of Practice” on “Evening Meditation” follows:

“Sit between two to five minutes at night.

Many thoughts come into the mind upon arising, such as “Oh, I can skip today,” or “I’ll make it up later,” or “I don’t feel well enough to meditate.” Some common thoughts in the evening could be, “I’m just too tired,” or “It wont really make a difference.” All of these are provided to your mind by the ego in an attempt to delay your liberation. Become aware of these thought patterns and just observe them while continuing your devotion to the practice. Forgive yourself for falling into these thought patterns, and pick right back up at the next opportunity.”

Maintaining this twice daily practice is basic development of devotion to your Liberation. Dedication to practicing continuously through the day will increase as you witness the cleansing the Master Self performs within your mind, visible by increasing joy, peace, and happiness. 

Your willingness to allow the Master Self to guide you is proportionate the peace you will experience. It is simple, and the obstacles from doing so are the choices you make to listen to ego thoughts of suffering.

The path must be walked by each individual at some point in some lifetime. This is already predesigned by God, and made complete in this illusionary world by the Presence of the Master Self within the mind of all, Who brings each individual to the awareness that they are already in the Reality of peace, love, and joy, all gifts from The Father to His Son.

For continued writing on the Master Self and the practice that leads to Reality within God, see “Practice’”

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