God the Father’s Love for His Son

God’s love for His Son, which is you and I in Reality, is unfathomable. While in this illusionary world, it is given to us, the lost Son of God, through the experience of Revelation – a brief suspension of the experience of this illusionary form filled world – during which the Son of God is brought into the Presence of the Father. A window to Reality is opened and the Real You who is beyond the body, experiences the Love that Your Father has for You, His Son. The Son of God is momentarily detached from his false identification with worldly form, which allows Him to remember Who He Is In Reality – God’s Son. This experience lasts an instant or seconds, as the intensity of the love of God is so strong that you can only receive a certain amount of it at once. In this momentary suspension of time and space, when all form dissolves, you, the Son of God, is returned back into the Reality where we all actually exist now, eternally one with God. This gift allows you, the lost Son of God, to know in one instant that in Reality you are safely held in your Father’s Love, and that the worldly suffering you seemingly experience is but an illusion. The strength of the Father’s Love transmitted in these moments of Revelation allow you to realize that God has not forgotten about you, but has instead in actuality already completed the Plan for your Liberation, shown by God to you through your Revelation of being in His Presence and remembering who Who You Are. As the you drop back into the illusionary world of form, you now have faith that there is indeed a Plan for your own Liberation and it is unfolding right now in the illusion. 

Revelation is an experience that cannot be attained, worked toward, or earned. It is the Father shining His Love onto you, His Son, simply because of His Love for you. The love the Father gives in the Revelation is beyond anything that this world has to offer and is a one-way gift that can only be given by the Father and received by you.

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