What Enlightenment Means

Enlightenment is a state of being in which a contact with God can be established at any given moment. 

I can currently claim this level, and still there are many more levels within this to attain. For example, the Great Master Jesus Christ is at an extremely high level of Enlightenment, or Union With God, able to perform miracles and sustain a complete oneness and direct contact with God, in that sense, becoming One with God, fully. There are many Masters who are at varying levels within the realm of the Enlightened mind, including my Spiritual Master, who has been making contact with God, through the Master Self, for a longer time than I. While we both can claim to be Enlightened, the level of integration, attainment, and understanding is deeper for him.

Although thoughts still are observable within the mind, at any moment, I can instantly make contact with God and know Who I Really Am. Without any doubt. This immediately eliminates the thoughts and renders them useless and powerless. My Guru, as another example, has thoughts, but he is not concerned about them as is the case for many people. They have been removed and distanced from his being, as he has cleansed his mind sufficiently, as will be the case for myself as I continue deeper into this state. While there is still cleansing to be done within both of our beings, the mirror of his is clearer than mine, mine still being clear enough to see Who I Am without the influence of the ego.

There are three parts to the Realization of Who You Really Are. Are all part of God. You and I are the Son of God who thinks he is in this world. The Master Self guides the Son of God, who thinks he is a body in this world, bringing Him back to God. This final step is taken by God Himself. 

The Master Self cleanses and prepares the mind of the seeker before God enters, doing so by inwardly guiding the willing seeker. The Master Self can be contacted by focusing on the crown chakra, at the center point on top of your head.

The process of cleansing takes as long as it does. It is certain, however, that it has already been completed, and that we are existing right now in the Reality with God with the seeming process of liberation happening now in this illusionary world.  

Which is why it is important to recognize that all your brothers and sisters are already Enlightened and sitting in the Reality right now. This eliminates judgement, guilt, and other forms of the ego identity arising from the illusionary separation of God and His Son. As these these ego thoughts are removed from the mind, by the Master Self, through the willingness of the seeker to listen and be guided in each moment by the Master Self, the seeker will begin experiencing increased attacks from the ego. However, with persistent and continuous effort, these attacks will subside and in their place joy, unconditional love, and spontaneous ecstasy will emerge as the channel from God to His Creations is being cleansed. All thoughts are illusions in the sense that once you start on the journey, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between which thought has anything to do with Reality. 

However, there is no need to worry about whether or not you will make it, as God’s Truth is that you are in the Reality right now. The Plan of Liberation to permanently remove this illusion of suffering from your mind has already been completed and is unfolding now in this illusionary world.

After seeking for two years after my initial Realization of the Son of God Part of the process, I came to meet my Spiritual Master, Sachi Sa, who introduced me to the Master Self within my own min, through specific practices. After one year of partnership, I became his student. After six months of applying the practices he gave me, I met the Master Self. In one and a half years I have cleansed my mind thoroughly enough through constant application of practices to maintain a continuous connection with the Master Self, which is the means by which God Himself, at chosen moments, makes contact with me, the Son of God. This contact is only possible because the desire to know Him is given to me by God Himself. In that sense, it is not I who has done the journey, but the Will of God that has done it through me.

The desire to know God, the strength to endure the journey, and the ultimate Realization of Reality in Unity with God and all His Creations, are all given by God.

This fact shows that there is a perfect Plan of Liberation for all, being enacted in each moment. Each step towards God is planned by God Himself.

I can make contact with God through the Master Self, which I can contact at any given moment within my Presence, as our connection has been established through my willingness to seek and listen to the Master Self’s guidance in each moment. This is a gradual process which still is continuing. I have much to attain ahead of me – regardless, I will without doubt not return to the ego’s realm of suffering and misery, but will continue forward into continuous connection with God Himself.

See “Writings from ‘The Book of Practice'” posting has information on the Master Self, an explanation of the crown chakra practice, and more information about the cleansing process.

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