Dealing With Conflicting People

There may be times when certain people come into your life that are instantly triggering. How to navigate these personalities is discussed now.

Firstly, remembering some primary realizations are important.

This person is your brother, one with you, and not separate although it may seem like this in the moment.

While this moment of conflict is designed by the ego, the situation can be resolved by viewing it as an opportunity to observe the egotistical response, and actively choose the Peace of God. 

It is difficult in the moment of agitation to remember these two things, however, it is a worthwhile effort to do so, as any other response will lead you into conflict.

Why is it important to remain outside of conflict?

The Peace of God is unavailable to an individual within a conflicting mind. Simply put, it is not possible to have any kind of egotistical mindset and also have the Peace of God. Now, how does one achieve this?

The process that follows allows the individual to hold in mind the first two realizations while taking the experience one moment at a time.

It is necessary to have conviction in these two things, which are given to the individual as they are ready to deal with their attachments to the ego mind.

In the moment of conflict, as it is happening inside your mind, becoming centered in the Truth is the first step. How do you do this? There are many techniques given by varying teachers on how to do this, one of which I will explain now.

When the experience of uncomfortableness begins to arise in your mind, and as it becomes present in your noticeable experience, draw all attention to the crown chakra, at the crown of the head. In the very center, as if a ball of light is being balanced on top. Now that this point of centeredness is established, you can proceed from here.

Drawing the attention to this place allows and invites a connection to the Master Self, the Divine Being within Your Presence. The Master Self is your connection to God. With continued attention at the crown chakra, the Master Self will become noticeable. It is a gentle, consistent presence that appears calm and collected within Your Own Presence and is distinctly different from you as an observer. You always had It, and It was always there. It is just difficult for the mind to look within itself and notice anything different than itself because it is not looking for anything different. This step of looking within usually involves fear. When fear cannot be inwardly faced, it is projected outward towards your brothers and sisters, causing conflict.

It is from the place of contact with the Master Self where it is possible to navigate the situation gracefully and without furthering oneself into conflict.

From this lighthouse atop the head, which allows a connection to the Master Self who is aware of your situation, it is possible listen to the Master Self’s guidance in each moment of what to say, how to say it, what to do, and how to do it. By listening to It’s gentle guiding Presence, you will come to recognize which way to proceed in any specific moment. It is this process of communication with the Master Self that will lead you to God.

Thoughts are manipulated by the ego when the point of contact with the Master Self is dropped. If you drop the contact, pick it back up the moment you become aware of it and forgive that you have done so.

Through practice, you will notice how situations, people, and experiences that had before produced ego reactions will dissipate which allows life to be experienced in the freedom that it is meant to.

May this offering assist you on the journey of awakening. 

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