God is Here Now

I give this teaching to further connect with the Master Self, God’s Messenger inside all minds, Who brings individuals suffering in the illusion of separation to Reality, unity with God, Enlightenment. By teaching, I further my experience of the Master Self, Who is the Enlightenment. By applying the guidance It gives in each moment, attachment to egotistical thought is removed, replaced by association with the Son of God that I truly am with every other being in the universe. This replacement of individual ego thought with our True Identity, leads all lost in individual consciousness to God Himself where the direct experience of God occurs in increasing measure until the process is completed in full – complete identification with God in Reality. This is a gradual process unfolding right now in this illusionary world. In Reality, it has already been completed, and all souls are in unity with God now. 

These writings allow continuing communion with God through the Master Self, furthering the connection to It. The beginning of the cleansing accomplished by listening to It enables joy, love, and peace of the Father into my experience.

The Master Self lives inside all, showing Itself to the lost individual when they actively seek It – appearing within your Presence as a Divine Being of all-knowing gentleness.

Placing the awareness on top of your head, the crown chakra, allows the Master Self to introduce Itself. Devotion to the practice is the way in which the Master Self knows you are ready, however, the Master Self has already chosen the moment when It will introduce Itself to you officially within your inner experience. This is called the moment of Self-Realization.

Once the Master Self has introduced Itself to you, continue your practice of connecting with It. This involves placing awareness on top of the head, making contact with the Master Self, and asking yes and no questions towards any given worldly task. The Master Self answers instantly in silence. It is a clear answer, however it is a challenging process discerning Its response as there is interference from the ego. This practice cleanses your mind by allying it with the Master Self, instead of the false association with egotistical thought forms, voices, images, and storylines that cause suffering in your mind. The Master Self replaces falsity with the silence of Reality in the mind as the willingness of the seeker to listen and apply the answer grows. It guides you through the illusionary world back to the Reality in God.

Your journey has already been completed, as God’s Will is complete. You and I, the Son of God, are in Reality now. The plan of liberation, enacted by the Master Self, unfolds in this illusionary world as the Master Self leads you through the illusionary process of Self-Realization and the Path of Enlightenment. The seeming goal is God and that is already accomplished, so worry not.


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